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March 27, 2012

Selecting a theme

by Tom Novak

The best way to select a theme is to first get some content into your blog.  Then, in the dashboard, use Appearance –> Themes to see how your blog looks in a variety of themes.  Experiment.

There’s more to it than how your blog looks.  Different themes have different features – number of columns, navigation, customer headers/footers, colors, etc.  You might like the way a certain theme looks, but you might not like it’s navigation.  Or, it might not have a sidebar.

Some themes allow you to upload a custom image header, or customize the background image.  This goes a long way to giving your blog a personal look.

Custom menus are also supported by some themes.  This allows you to change the order of pages, nest pages in sub-menus, add posts and custom links to navigation menu.   Note: themes come with a default menu which may or may not meet your needs