Welcome to MGT 253, Internet Marketing, University of California, Riverside, Spring 2012.  The syllabus, lecture slides, and reading for this course are at UCR’s iLearn site.  This blog exclusively deals with the course project for BUS 118.

Be sure you have also carefully read the project information from the course syllabus.

In this project, you’ll work in a 4-5 person group with other MBA students.  You should begin this group project as soon as your topic has been approved.  This way, you will have about two months to develop, maintain, and promote your blog.  You will need this much time to have a successful blog.

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WordPress Terms of Service (TOS)

Your blog must follow the WordPress TOS.  Blogs violating TOS will be considered a violation of UCR’s academic integrity policy.

Tutorials for learning WordPress.com

Your Blog’s URL

When you set up your blog, you’ll be asked to select a URL of the form:  myblog.wordpress.com.  Be sure and select a name that is easy for someone to type and remember.  You can always change this if you make a mistake at first, but once you start promoting your blog to other people, you won’t want to keep changing its URL!